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Trevino de la Garza
Family History Files


Becuase Mom Said So!

Mom wanted to research family history and we found a wealth of it!

 Fun Research

Like Solving a mystery or puzzle which you are part of! I especially like the very old documents!

Need for a Family Archive

While working on gathering family history I was just blown away by the volume of information out there and the subsequent need to archive and/or organize it all, Correctly!


High Resolution

The Records Follow a Format

Attached to Profiles

Link to Records and Clippings


Some Sample Records

Gavino Trevino Trevino baptism 10-15-1909  age 3 

Gabino Trevino and Antonia Barrera marriage Allende Coah 7-29-1891_1.jpg

Teofilo Trevino Flores and Severa Delgado Perez church marriage record 7-5-1875 Allende

Esther de La Garza Birth Certificate 7-13-1913

Esther de La Garza Eagle Pass birth certificate 7-13-1913_1.jpg
Gavino Trevino Trevino baptism 10-15-190

Gavino Trevino Trevino Baptism Enlarged


Record Format

Baptism Records

Marriage Records

Raul Trevino Birth Record

Raúl Leonel Treviño Garza DOB 5-23-43 baptism 6-10-44_1.jpg

Index Pages: Births Same Year as Tio Raul

Trevinos born the same year as Raul 1941 in Allende_1.jpg

Encarnacion Trevino and Nasaria Flores register their children's births on 4-12-1881 Vincente, Roberto, Gavino and more


Rafaela de la Garza Del Rio border crossing with son Aureliano 8-23-1937

Rafaela de la Garza Del Rio border crossing wih son Aureliano 8-23-1937_1.jpg

Ruberto Trevino baptism 4-1-1817 in Nava - To Pamolano Trevino and Ma de Jesus de la Garza 

Ruberto blowup_edited.jpg
rUberto blown up_edited.jpg

Nasaria Trevino Flores Baptism 8-3-1841 Allende

Nasaria Trevino Flores baptism 8-3-1841 Allende_1.jpg
Nasaria Closeup_edited.jpg

Vincente and Maria Trevino Flores with their children and Esauro Masquefel and his family CC 1930 Census

Herlinda and Family_edited.jpg
Enumeration info_edited.jpg

Masquifel Family was also in Allende Census taken one (1) month later

Isauro Masquefel and Herlinda Trevino in Allende census also in the US Census dated one mo


Family Trees






fs tree_edited_edited.jpg


fs profile_edited.jpg

SOURCES (only theirs!)

fs sources_edited.jpg



WikiTree Profile

AT WT Profile.png
Halftone Palm Trees

Family Trees

AT Ancestor Block.png
GT Ancestor Block.png
Pile of Newspapers

Newspaper Clippings

Armando Trevino Ex-teacher aide abuse case - Laredo_Morning_Times_1989-05-27_1_edited.jpg

Armando Trevino Ex-teacher aide abuse case-Laredo_Morning_Times_1989-05-27

Mother Calls Trevino her child's Saviour

Armando Trevino described as childs saviour - Laredo_Morning_Times_1989-06-22

Armando Trevino desscribed as childs saviour -


Armando Trevino Abuse Senate Panel Hearing = Laredo_Morning_Times_1989-07-09_1_edited.jpg

Armando Trevino Abuse Senate Panel Hearing = Laredo_Morning_Times_1989-07-09

Indictments Quashed!

Armando Trevino Abuse Indictments Quashed - Laredo_Morning_Times_1989-07-14_1

Grand Jury reconvened in defiance of DA

Armando Trevino as witness for Grand Jury that reconvened in definace of DA - Laredo_Morni

Armando Trevino as witness for Grand Jury that reconvened in defiance of DA - Laredo_Morning_Times_1989-08-18

Trevino Resigns!

Armando Trevino ADA Resigns - Laredo_Morning_Times_1989-08-12

Armando Trevino ADA Resigns - Laredo_Mor



Chon Trevino -  The Missing Mariner

Herlinda Trevino - Widow, Businesswoman and Entrepreneur

Trevinos and Masquifels together in 1930 Crystal City

Masquifels in 1930 Allende

Herlinda Trevino Marriage to Isauro Masquifel Crystal City 1933

Isauro Masquifel and Celestino Menchaca Iron Lung Donors 5-28-1948

Sometime Between 1948 and 1955 Isauro is Killed in Bar Fight Leaving Herlinda Widowed

Herlinda (Identified as "Businessman") Invests in Reopening of Luna Theater in the "Latin Speaking Colony"


A Treasure Map

"Tia Helinda would always say for us to look it up and see if we can get some answers"

Remember Abuelo Ruberto Trevino Trevino?...

RUberto enlarged_edited.jpg

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848) Included agreement to pay American citizens debts owed to them by the Mexican government NOT Land Owners as Vincente read. 

The King (David) and I

The Jewish Connection

The Benveniste Family

"The Benveniste family is an old, noble, wealthy, and scholarly Jewish family of Narbonne, France and northern Spain established in the 11th century."

Are the Bevenistes from the House of David?

The Benevistes "are considered by the Jewish tradition as descendants of King David and members of the House of David in the Jewish communities"

Just Imagine!

Every Trevino You've Ever Known as Family Started Here

It is likely that everybody we've known as related to us through Abuelo are represented in this one document. His father, Gavino Trevino Flores (#14) and 6-7 other siblings births were registered with their ages ranging in excess of 10 years.

ALL the Trevinos

Dr Armando Visit with cousin Mrs Pedro Galvan CC 7-23-1951

Encarnacion Trevino Death Article 8-13-1948

Vincente Trevino is ill and goes to  Monterrey with Daughter Zavala Sentinel 7-2-1954.

¿¿Gavino/Gabino, Trevino/Trebino, Ruberto/Roberto??

Ruberto Trevino baptism 4-1-1817 in Nava - To Pamolano Trevino and Ma de Jesus de la Garza 

Ruberto blowup_edited.jpg
rUberto blown up_edited.jpg

Old Documents

Josef Ignacio Flores and Maria Josefa Maldonado marriage Monclova 11-26-1778 -  Rafaela (de la Garza) Treviño's Great Great Grandparents (paternal)

Jose Trevino de Villarreal 1800

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